We offer professional intellectual property services and assist our clients in strategic development and management of patent portfolios with consideration of marketing and business strategy in Japan.

Creativity is emphasized in our firm culture. We enjoy flexibility of being able to offer creative intellectual property services. We are special.

We provide the following services:

Filing and prosecuting applications for patents, utility models, designs, trademarks, service marks and renewal of registered trademarks; Filing and prosecuting international patent applications; Translation for both filing and information purposes; Handling of foreign applications on behalf of Japanese and foreign applicants; Filing Oppositions and Replies to Oppositions; Demands for Trial, such as Trials against a Decision of Refusal, Trials for Invalidation, and Trials for Correction; Requests for official opinions on the technical scope of patents or utility models, and the scope of designs or effects of trademark or service marks rights; Validity and infringement expert opinions; Appeals before the Tokyo High Court against trial decisions and decisions on oppositions rendered by the Japan Patent Office; Recording changes in title, such as assignments, mergers, successions, licenses, changes in name or address, etc.; Maintenance, assignment and management of intellectual property portfolios; General Intellectual Property Advice; Searches for patents, utility models, designs, trademarks and service marks.