Technology-Oriented IP Law Firm

Aarwer International Intellectual Property Firm

IP Law Firm with Strong Technology Orientation

We are an extremely technology-oriented IP law firm. We are Japanese patent attorneys. Aarwer is a leading international intellectual property law firm with offices in Japan. We offer creative intellectual property services and assists clients in strategic development and management of patent portfolios with consideration of marketing and business strategy.

We believe that one of key factors in success of patent prosecution is strong interests in technologies. It does not mean that we specialize in all technology fields, but we are a unique IP law firm with strong technology orientation.


Since the establishment of our firm, we have specialized in chemistry such as organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry, and electronic devices such as semiconductor devices and displays. We are expanding our specialties to include chemistry and electronic devices, as well as many other technologies. We would appreciate it if you could contact us for detailed handling technologies.


Organic chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, polymers, electrical materials, environment, molecular biology, biological chemistry, biotechnology, etc.

Mechanical Engineering

Machinery, equipment, precision instruments, analytical instruments, plants, MEMS(Micro Electro Mechanical System), nanotechnology, etc.


Electronic devices, semiconductors, displays, software, web technology, web applications, business methods, etc.